In my business I use a handful of tools that help me both in my trading journey, as well as tools that are mindset related.

Here is a list of the things I use that help me trade, plan and keep my mind in order. These are the tools I ACTUALLY use on a daily basis, so feel free to check them out below.

trading View

I use TradingView every day to mark up my charts and set alerts. In my opinion, this is a MUST have tool for anyone trading. You can start with a free account, but you are restricted to the number of alerts you can set which is something you will want to take advantage of if you are trading multiple pairs.


A VPS server is basically a remote computer that runs whether you have your computer running or not. You will need a VPS server for a couple of reasons.

1. It means you don't have to leave your PC running 24 hours a day if you are using auto trading tools.

2. You are running a Mac and want to run MT4 on a windows machine.


I use Notion to take notes and store documents. This is an extremely versatile tool, and the best thing is you can start for free. I only use a free account, and this is enough for most people.

Things 3

If you are big into the apple ecosystem and are looking for a great task management tool, then I recommend Things 3. I use this to plan out my whole life and I can't recommend it enough.


If you like creating Mind Maps (which I do), this is a great piece of software to do this. I love mind maps, and if it's not something that you currently use, it's a great way of getting and organising all your ideas if you are setting up a new project.

Waking Up

I have recently started using this meditation app. Before this I was just searching for stuff on YouTube, but wanted something a bit more organised that I could work through on a daily basis.

If you want to try this out free for 30 days (no credit card required), then click the button below.

Tube Buddy

I use this tool to help me find subjects that people are searching for and that would be a good fit for my YouTube channel. If you are trying to grow on YouTube then I recommend you take a look at this tool as it could help you grow your channel much quicker.