Hey there, my name is Paul and I wanted to put this page together to give you a bit more information about me.

I created this blog to complement my YouTube channel to help people on their trading journey. I talk a little bit about strategy, but the thing I am passionate about (and that will help you the most) is mindset.

The thing is, most people think that they are not getting anywhere because they need a new strategy. Consequently, they jump from strategy to strategy because they see the next thing as their way to riches, only to find they are still treading water several months later and just not moving forward (this was me for a LONG time!) The reality is they just need to work on their mindset.

Although I have dabbled in Forex for around 5 years (shiny object syndrome held me back!), it is only the last 2 years that I have really taken this seriously, and can now see this as a full time venture for me. Most of the time over the last 2 years has been spent working on my mindset (and obviously some strategy too). I read, meditate and journal EVERY day without fail, as well as spend time on the charts learning as much as I can. Without working on your mindset daily, it is almost impossible to succeed in this business.

Although I am not a full time trader at the time of writing this, I am currently in a live challenge, and know that I will be fully funded and out of my current offline business by 2024.

I will keep you posted on my channel and on this blog.