So today I have a question for you...

Do you see yourself as a trader, or just someone who is "trying" to trade?

This is an important question, and most likely one that will effect the outcome of your trading journey.

You see, for years I just saw myself as someone who was "trying to trade". I thought I'd give this trading "thing" a go as it looks like you can earn some good money from it.

Little did I know that "giving this thing a go" is only half the story.

You see, I have built many offline businesses over the past 20 years, all of which have been successful. And because of that, I thought trading would be the same. I thought I could put in a bit of time here and there, and make this thing work. Heck that's what I have done with my other businesses over the years.

Let me just say, trading was definitely a different beast, certainly for me anyway.

In my opinion, if you are just "giving it a go" and only in it for the money, you will most likely fail.

That, unfortunately, is the harsh reality of trading!

You HAVE to fall in love with the process, and most importantly, treat it like a business. If you're just in it for the money, the likeliness is, you WILL fail.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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