Journaling is something that I have been doing pretty consistently for a couple of years and has been a way to get all the thoughts out of my head. I used to think that journaling was just a way to document the day to day activities of life, but it's so much more! It has helped me to clear my thoughts and clear my head, which has definitely had an effect on my mindset, and hence my trading.

There are SO many different people offering their views on journaling that it really can be a minefield knowing where to start. I started off on YouTube, and have now read many books on journaling too. It's such a wide subject offering everything from documenting your day, to planning, to gratitude journaling, to dream journaling, to travel journaling and so much more. The possibilities really are endless.

If you are looking to start journaling, I recommend you do some homework into what you think the best type of journaling would be for you. I personally use the Day One App so I can journal anywhere on my phone or tablet, and have it with me at all times. Other people like to use pen and paper, it really is a personal choice.

If you're brand new to journaling, Day One have some great ideas to start you off and I recommend you check out their blog here.

Have you found a journal helpful in your business in any way? Let me know in the comments below.

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